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Top 3 Signs Your Car Needs Brake Service in Eagle

As a car owner, your main responsibility is making sure your vehicle runs well and safely. If your brakes aren’t in good condition, you may be exposing yourself and other drivers to serious danger. Knowing the top signs that your car needs brake service will help you stay on top of it. 

Unusual Noises: Squeaking, Squealing, or Grinding

Any kind of unusual noise can be a sign that your brakes need to be looked at. Squealing or grinding usually means there’s an issue with the pads or rotors and they aren’t providing the right stopping power. 

Vibrations or Pulsations When Braking

Sometimes, when your brake rotors become warped, they cause vibrations when you press on the brake pedal, which means they’re not providing enough pressure to bring the vehicle to an effective stop. Replacing the rotors should resolve the issue. 

Brake Warning Light is On

If your vehicle has a brake warning light, it will generally come on when you need brake service. Keep an eye on your warning lights and make sure you notice when they turn on.

Need Brake Service Near Eagle?

The team at Boise Muffler is dedicated to making sure your vehicle is in top shape every time it leaves the shop. With expertise in custom, brake and rotor systems and radiator service, we’re ready to take care of any issue your vehicle is having. We can even repair electrical systems. If you want to keep your car in the best possible condition, ask about our oil change service and classic car maintenance programs. Contact us today!

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Posted on June 13, 2024 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business

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